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March Memes Challenge

As we all know memes are basically the lifeblood of the interwebs. They give us great content to share, help to express our emotions, make us laugh, and connect people from all over the world. While some memes have text that accompanies them, they are generally described as content that’s shareable and based on a trending topic, you know like sloths or unicorns. Having said that let’s make some internet history:

Over the next 4 weeks we’ll issue you a design challenge.

  • We give you a theme that’s trending.
  • You use the theme to create some new meme-worthy designs.
  • You share your new meme using #MarchMemes and #Redbubble on Instagram or Twitter.
  • You upload your designs to Redbubble and make sure to use the hashtag #MarchMemes.
  • You could win $100 and get featured on the Redbubble homepage.

That’s right, this challenge is taking place on Instagram AND Twitter. This way you have more than one way to participate, much awesome, so wow. To give you some inspiration, and show what March Memes is all about, check out some trending works below, and get those creative ideas flowing to make the next trending design.

See the current challenge below, and remember to keep checking this blog post as we will be updating it with each new challenge.  Now a message from our legal team. Read the full terms and conditions here.

Week 4

The final week of the challenge is starting soon and will be about totally epic designs! We’re talking dinosaurs, lasers, astronauts, narwhals, which are all very epic in their own right, but making them even more epic. Epic-er? Anyway, take a look at the examples shown here, and be inspired to create a new design so awesome it will blow people’s minds.

Stay tuned, it all starts Monday, MArch 27th at 9am PST. Here’s some images to get you inspired.

Week 3 – Finished

The third week of the challenge was all about Odd Mashups! We’re talking about artistically mixing two or more ideas that normally wouldn’t go together. This could have been a human and food, two animals mixed to create a new one, normal everyday things made to be even stranger and more epic.

Winner Announced Soon…

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Featured art: Moon Banana by jamesormiston

Week 2 – Finished

March 14th was Pi Day! So we had a challenge all about science. Winners announced soon…

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Featured art by nocturnalgeek


Featured art by symbolgrafix

Week 1 – Finished

March is Women’s History Month, so the first week’s challenge was to create some female-powered designs.
Congratulations to the winner, Patricia Tokarz!


For your promotional needs, you can still download our new Sticker Guitar, Tote Bag, and Fitted Scoop templates (Examples Below). These templates work much like our previous templates.

Tote bag by shiaemi. Stickers by: lilliesandroses, boogiemonst, and yourebossy. Fitted Sccop by tamaghosti

Here are some tips to help when designing viral content.

  1. Only use text when necessary. The best viral content inspires others to develop their own stories based on the concept.
  2. Create the design using your individual style. We want to see great original memes from your perspective.
  3. Trending topics connect people, and new forms of that topic keep it fresh, so think a new way to present the topic.
  4. Your meme-worthy creations will be added to products, so keep in mind how your design will look on each product.
  5. Have Fun!

Keep up to date with the challenges at
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