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The New Acrylic Block

We’re big fans of being surrounded by art. Whether it’s on the walls, a t-shirt, or even a mobile phone case. Now, we have a new product that truly stands by itself. Literally. It can stand. The new acrylic block is a clear plexiglass block featuring a vibrant back mounted photographic print. So grab one, or a few, for your desk or bookshelf. Or, bring it with you so you always have some fancy artwork on the go.

The details:

  • Diamond cut sides provide a sharp image from any angle.
  • 1”/2.5cm thick solid free-standing acrylic block for desk, table top or shelves.
  • Hand polished for a crystal clear finish.
  • Currently available in square format from 4×4”/10x10cm to 6×6”/15x15cm.


"Flourish" by 83oranges

For artists — ALL Square art within ‘Prints’ will be migrated to the Acrylic Block, or artists will need to upload images at 1860px x 1860px to enable both sizes of Acrylic Block.

"A Colorful Owl" by Jose Ochoa

(Header image: ‘Beautiful Creations, Bilbi‘ by Tatyana Binovskaya)

Check out the new Acrylic Blocks right here, and show us your favorites in the comments below.

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