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Artist Updates: Changes to Scoop Neck Tees and Greeting Card Envelopes

Our new Fitted Scoop Necks for women have proven to be so popular since their launch in September that we’ve removed the Women’s Scoop Neck T-shirts from our suite of products. If you had the older Women’s Scoop Neck as the default product for any of your designs, those have been adjusted to Women’s T-Shirts. For the small number of artworks where the default color was not available in the Women’s T-shirt style, it’s been changed to the first available in the Women’s T-shirt style. You can check and manage your portfolio here.

Our new Women's Fitted Scoop Neck Tee (Featured art: "Sleepy fox" by lunaticpark)

In additional news from product update-land, this Holiday, greeting cards featuring your designs will come with brand new custom-sized kraft envelopes, which add a nice level of crafty class to any and all holiday communications. Here’s a look at one. These should make those cards your customers (and you) send to loved ones just a tad more loving, don’t you think? People love fancy envelopes. It’s true.

Featured art: "Zebra & Jungle Leaves" by Britt Sorensen

If you have any questions or concerns, check out the Help Center.

[Header image: “Zebra & Jungle Leaves” by Britt Sorensen / “Midnight Bugs” by CarlyWatts / “Antique pattern – Beetle and centipedes” by fioski]

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