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9 Products to Ring in the Chinese New Year

Chinese New Year or the Spring Festival is China’s most celebrated holiday.

2015 marks the Year of the Goat (or sheep or ram), the 8th animal in the Chinese zodiac. In our own little celebration we have shared below some of our favorite products with themes associated to the Chinese New Year. A lot of the festivities involve bringing luck and wealth for the new year. Here is to hoping this collection will give all Redbubble artists just that.

Make sure your related artwork is tagged appropriately. Many may just be looking for the perfect designs to bring to the festivities.

Be sure to click the images below to explore more work from the featured artists.

 1. Represent the Goat

 “Seeking New Heights” by MatMiller“Goat” by AnimalCrew, and “Goat / Ram (chinese zodiac)” by Paula Belle Flores

2. Red for Luck

“The Optimistic Crag” by Ethan Harris“Red Goldfish” by haidishabrina, and “Little Friends” by freeminds

3. Lantern Festival



 “Torii 2” by freeminds“Chinese Lanterns” by Cassia ,  and  “Chinatown Animals” by colonelle

Do you have any work to contribute to our Chinese New Year celebration? Share it in the comments below.

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