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4 Ways to Master the Art of Self-Promotion without Hating Your Life

Being creative and being a salesperson don’t always go together. While some artists are masters of the art of promoting their own work, others are masters of drowning in a pool of loneliness, misery, and doubt. But you don’t have to belong to the second camp. Self-promotion seems terrifying and uncomfortable, but it really doesn’t have to be that way. If you break it down to its basic components, it’s ┬árelatively easy to see results…and honestly, kind of fun. That’s why we came up with this four part series on how be a better self-promoter. If you follow these

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#1: Get started

Creating a mission statement, setting up social media accounts, and more ways to begin your travel down the road to glorious success. (Read the full post)

#2: Satisfy the curious

Embrace the fact that humans (and customers/fans) are innately curious beings…and satisfy that curiosity by teasing, showing off your workspace, and more. (Read the full post)

#3: Give a voice to your fans

Everybody loves being part of something. So let your fans get involved with your creative process. (Read the full post)

#4: Give recognition to your buyers

A simple “THANKS” can go a long, long way. (Read the full post)

Do you have tips for how to be a better self-promoter? Share them in the comments.

[Header Image: “Hopes and Dreams” by Noukka Signe]

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