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RB Collection: An Homage to Vinyl Records

For many years now RB has been slowly growing a collection of truly beautiful designs that are inspired by a shared love of wax, vinyl, or records — depending on what you call em’. We’ve featured books that celebrate their cover designs in the past, and today I’ve collected some designs, posters and photographs that showcase some stunning artwork that pay homage to the wonderful world of analog music. This smooth collection will have you yearning to drop the needle any minute. Just as records have that distinct snap, crackle and pop that can’t be duplicated, there’s a quiet subtlety to the artworks below that are equally as unique.

"1949 The birth of 45rpm" by Modernistdesign

"I Love Sleeves" by Eivind Vetlesen

"Ain't Getting Any Younger" by Jumpy

"Dark Side" by Sam Henderson

"Tentacles and Vinyl" by BenClark

"Cool Broken Vinyl Record Grunge Vintage T-shirt Design" by Denis Marsili

"Record Red" by Fixtape

"45s" by Steve Outram

[Header image: “A Fistful of 45s”┬áby UrbanDog]

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