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Francesco Francavilla pays tribute to the ‘Breaking Bad’ finale

Artist Francesco Francavilla, one of the hardest working (and most talented) fellas in the comics business created this wonderful piece of minimalist art in tribute to last night’s brutal, brave, and bittersweet Breaking Bad finale.

Without getting too deep into spoiler territory, we can see that Francavilla chose to highlight the epic-as-all-hell climax of the episode, “Felina”.

Francavilla posted the image on his Tumblr shortly following the airing of the episode with a simple message that I think encapsulates all that we Breaking Bad fanatics* were feeling as saga of Walter White faded to black for the final time:


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By Francesco Francavilla

* Does Breaking Bad fandom have a name? Breaking Baddies? Walter Whites? Blueies?

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